Shenzhen SMT industry status analysis

2024-04-08 10:50:33 浏览:79

.The current development status of the Shenzhen SMT factory industry is as follows:

Market reshuffle: With the saturation of production capacity,some ∗∗all and backward production capacities are beginning to be eliminated,and the market is undergoing a reshuffle.Large electronic product OEMs represented by Foxconn and BYD are currently making corresponding adjustments.

Technological innovation: The SMT industry is a technology-intensive industry,and technological innovation is the key to enterprise development.Shenzhen's SMT enterprises have made significant progress in technological innovation,continuously launching new products and processes to improve production efficiency and quality.

Industrial upgrading: With the popularity of electronic products,SMT technology is receiving increasing attention.As the center of China's electronic industry,Shenzhen's SMT industry has also developed rapidly here.

Intense competition: There are more and more entrants in the SMT patch processing industry,and companies of all sizes are all the same,without any characteristics or differentiation.Basically,they are all competing for the same customer,and the customer chooses whoever has the lower price. Therefore,in a homogeneous competition,the one with the lower price is the winner.

Declining market demand: The demand at home and abroad has been declining since this year,which has led to a general perception that the market is becoming increasingly difficult to operate,and this trend will continue in the foreseeable future.